Courage360 gave me the strength to go to college and follow my dreams.

Stories Of Courage

Julie’s Story

After 24 years of marriage, I had the wind knocked out of me. What I had planned for my life was gone. With three teenage sons, a trailer home on five acres to maintain and not much confidence, I needed help. 

I stumbled across Courage360 on the Internet. A five-week computer class for free? Wow, this is too good to be true! With no summer employment and my kids at their grandparents, I could do this.

The computer class was challenging. I am still amazed at all the projects I completed for my portfolio, a requirement for graduation.

The soft-skills classes were another story. I remember thinking, “I don’t need this part … I can get along with people.” But I did need it.

One concept I learned was not to put the blame on everyone else. “Wait a minute,” I thought. “What do you mean it is not their fault? I didn’t do this to myself I never planned to be in this situation!”

Why do I think Courage360 is so successful? It might sound strange, but I’d have to answer that question with two words…fish ladder.. A fish ladder provides a way for the fish to make their natural migration between salt and fresh waters. The fish pass around artificial barriers by swimming and leaping up a series of relatively low steps into the waters on the other side. The velocity of water falling over the steps has to be great enough to attract the fish to the ladder, but not so great that it washes the fish back down stream or exhausts them to the point they can’t continue their journey up river.

Courage360 was my fish ladder. 

My dream is to work with children as an occupational therapist. That requires a master’s degree. So, I am starting my journey. I have a great part-time job, and I recently started classes at City University.

Courage360 helped me figure out that I am capable. I am not alone. And I can do it!

For that, I will be forever grateful.