Wow. This is a new life! I wouldn't have that without Courage360.

Andrea’s  Story

Three years ago I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t know how I was going to support my children. Then I came to Courage360 and I learned all of these things about myself. They gave me the courage to say I can go back to school, I can do this. I didn’t have that before.

When you can make ends meet, when you can pay your bills and have a little extra to take care of your children, that makes you feel good. You get to see the happiness on their faces. For me, I get to hear my daughter say, “I’m proud of you Mom, because you’ve come a long way.”

I took what I learned at Courage360 out into the world, and now I am in college pursuing my dream of being a chef. I’m not going to stop. Every morning I get up and think, “Wow, this is a new life.” I wouldn’t have that if it weren’t for Courage360.