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May 102017

Conclusion of Amy’s Story

Amy walked through the doors of Courage360 uncertain of where her life was going. She left with confidence, workplace skills, and is now employed in a job she loves. We asked Amy what Courage360 means to her.


“Courage360 is an opportunity. If you are ready to change your life and learn new skills to move up the workplace ladder, then Courage360 is an amazing place to start! You will have time to learn new computer skills, you will gain a new perspective on your current workplace abilities, and you will be able to identify barriers that have you stuck in a detrimental way of thinking. You will be given the chance to develop a plan to step upon the financial path to your dreams. You will be afforded the guidance of skilled instructors to discuss and recognize your workplace value and be given the tools to express that value to a future employer. Courage360 is so much more than a place to learn how to write a great resume and nail an interview. It is a 5 week span that can truly turn your life around.”

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