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May 182017

Courage360 on Air!

Join Courage360 on Financial Fitness NW Today, at noon.


CEO, Heather Giron Fritts and incoming Board President, Karen Hansen will talk with Sarah Riley and Patricia Johnson, hosts of Financial Fitness NW. The Riley and Johnson Team helps people navigate the mortgage and real estate market with expert advice from knowledgeable and trustworthy industry professionals.

In addition, with their strong belief in giving back and supporting their local communities, Riley and Johnson dedicate the second half of the show to introducing local businesses and charities. Their hopes are to provide their audience a chance to learn about and engage with opportunities to support their local community.

Giron Fritts and Hansen will share Courge360 successes, new budding partnerships, and what’s in store over our next 18 months. By listening, you will gain insight and opportunities to engage and support the growth in skills, knowledge and courage for our community members who can most benefit from our resources.

Join us today, May 18th, at noon on the Johnson and Riley Team’s Financial Fitness NW show (1150 AM)