Inspiring Independence

Single. Little or no education. Struggling to support her family on a part-time, minimum wage job.

That’s the “average” Courage360 participant when she walks through our doors. But with the help of caring classroom instructors and skilled one-to-one mentors, our graduates overcome obstacles, change attitudes and move beyond the pain of the past.

We know this profound change takes time. In fact, one of our partners calls this process our “secret sauce!”

We call it courage. And over the last 35 years, it’s helped thousands of women achieve lasting change by:

  • Providing a firm foundation so they can reach economic independence
  • Offering two years of follow-up support, ensuring our graduates are succeeding with the tools they have developed, including skill-building and employment services in cooperation with local community and technical colleges
  • Partnering with local employers, who happily hire talented, motivated employees — women who are ready and willing to share their abilities in the workplace and community.

Mother and Son Holding Hands

In the interest of building a healthy community, the mission of Courage360 is to assist low-income individuals to gain the skills, the knowledge, and the courage to be self-supporting.

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