Hire a Grad

Skilled, Professional and Ready to Work

Understanding your company’s specific needs and demands, and matching them to skilled Courage360 graduates, is what we do best. From Columbia Bank and Key Bank and Boeing to Alaska Airlines, our talented and trained employees land in some of the region’s top companies.

Employment Pathways Help Local Business:

Courage360 employment experts make it easier for you to find the employees you need by:

  1. TRAINING – All Courage360 graduates undergo an intensive five-week training course that includes computer training, time management, conflict resolution and more. You can be assured graduates have met rigorous graduation requirements, and demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  2. SCREENING – Advertising and screening for employees can be costly and time consuming. Courage360’s employment experts work with you, one-to-one, to match our best graduates with your specific employment needs.
  3. REFERRING – We refer candidates to you for each open position. Before any referral is made to you, we screen and interview candidates to help make sure they are a good fit for your company or organization.
  4. CHECKING IN – We regularly check in with you and our graduates. This helps ensure a smooth transition. We additionally can provide ongoing support to our graduate to assure your needs and theirs are being met.  Additional coaching is available to our graduates, as well as to your team.  This is just one of the reasons businesses choose to work with us again and again.

Employer Advisory Board (EAB):

Our Employer Advisory Board is made up of local businesses that include Alaska Airlines, Associated Ministries, Columbia Bank, Comcast and more.  EAB Members are corporate partners, often those who specialize in Human Resources at their companies, and help to guide our program and curriculum delivery.

The EAB has been instrumental in two of our most recent aditions to our curriculum: Top Shelf Customer Service and QuickBooks curriculum.  Members gather on a quarterly basis to develop strategy for keeping our curriculum relevant and in demand.  They additionally performs activities such as mock interviews, job fairs, reverse job fairs, and more.

To find out more about our Employment Pathways and our Employer Advisory Board, or to partner with us for open positions at your business or agency, simply email us at

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